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What are your opening hours? 


Monday to Friday. Times are flexible. We are closed Bank Holidays.


Do you cater for dietary requirements?  


If your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies I will be happy to discuss these with you.


Do you pick up from nurseries and schools?  


Yes. I can pick up from any nursery or playgroup, even primary school.


Do you provide outings?  


Yes. We do visits to the library, local shops, soft play areas, local parks, childminding drop in groups and toddler groups.


How can I be sure of the standard of care?


I am a registered childminder and a member of Pacey & Ofsted. All childminders are regulated by Ofsted. I am regularly inspected.


What should my child wear?


Your child will be using paint, play dough, glue and lots of other creative but ‘messy’ stuff, and although I do provide aprons, it is advisable that your child does not wear their best clothes.


In hot summer months, please make sure that your child is wearing sun cream and has a sun hat as we spend a lot of time in the garden, park, beach etc.


During the winter months, please ensure your child has a warm coat, gloves, hat etc as we still go out to play.


How do you ease the settling in period?


Getting used to a new carer can be difficult for some children and can be upsetting for parents. We will work together to help your child settle in. We can do this with several visits, to begin with you may stay with your child, gradually leaving him/her for longer spells until he/she is happy.


It is normal for children to get upset as you leave (even those well settled!). To help ease this,  I would ask that you keep your departure as brief as possible. Typically children settle down shortly after a parent leaves. However, if your child remains upset for a prolonged period, I will contact you to see what you wish to do - you may want to come back to stay with us for the remainder of that visit, or come back and collect your child, or leave your child a while longer to see if he/she settles.


If your child is very upset, I may request you come back and stay with him/her or come and collect him/her.


To download a copy of my latest Inspection Report please click here

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